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I first want to say congratulations to Brian Kemp for his big win to become our Republican nominee to be the next governor of the great state of Georgia. He fought hard and to the victor go the spoils. I also want to say THANK YOU to Casey Cagle for being a wonderful example of what the American Dream is all about.

Casey Cagle grew up like a LOT of people in our country. His childhood was not perfect as his family struggled after being abandoned by his dad. He did everything he could to help his mom that worked her fingers to the bone to support the family. Cagle never used his circumstances as an excuse for failure. Instead, he developed an unimaginable faith in God to push past his adversity and became the Lt. Governor of Georgia and served for 12 years improving the lives of millions of people in the Peach State.

Cagle’s rise from nothing to something connected with me and that is why I supported his campaign. My dad abandoned me as well, I also came from a very broken home and I was literally homeless and sleeping on the streets of Atlanta 26 years ago when I was still a teenager. I also had to galvanize my faith, work hard and appreciate the love and support from a LOT of my fellow citizens to rise above it all and achieve my American Dream. Cagle may have lost to Brian Kemp and his campaign is now over, but Cagle’s story is indeed inspiring.

Kemp’s victory over Cagle was an epic one, but he is now directly in the crosshairs of the Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams. The democrats are going to throw everything and the kitchen sink at Kemp to destroy his character before November. They are going to follow their typical left-wing play book of painting the republican as a racist that hates all minorities (NOT TRUE), as being a sexist that hates women (NOT TRUE), as an out-of-touch conservative that hates progress (NOT TRUE), a bigoted Christian that hates LGBTQ+ individuals (NOT TRUE) and just being another white man trying to hold down a black woman (NOT TRUE).

The TRUTH ladies and gentlemen is that this is a competition for the highest seat in Georgia and the gloves are going to come off on both sides. Kemp is going to defend himself against attacks while highlighting his vision for Georgians of ALL walks of life to prosper in contrast to Abrams relying heavily on identity politics that stirs division. The democrats are going to continue to push harder to the extreme left for socialist principles that are impossible to pay for in the real world and is contrary to the position of the silent majority of Georgians and fellow Americans that elected President Trump.

I have no grudge against Abrams because I have never met her in person. I’m proud of the fact that she’s a successful mom that beat the odds, but our views for Georgia are very different. As a former liberal and now a black catholic conservative living in the wonderful community of Forsyth County; some of my old liberal “friends” that snatched away my “Black Card” and labels me a sellout, coon, Uncle Tom, bootlicker for white people that deserves death for being a traitor against my race for simply thinking for myself had this to say about Forsyth County, Georgia and our country…

“YG, those racist a$$ white people gone hang your black a$$ in the middle of Cumming. Then you will realize how evil they are in Georgia! F@#K America and die slow ni99a!”

I want to be clear that all democrats do NOT act this way; but I get irrational, hateful comments like this from the left all the time. Most of them I simply delete, have a laugh and keep it moving. But some I do take seriously when they threaten my life simply for being a republican. This type of violent rhetoric is exactly why a LOT of people are walking away (#WalkAway) from the left in droves around the country and realize that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING PATRIOTIC, LOVING AMERICA AND SUPPORTING OUR PRESIDENT.

I pray for those folks that are so full of hate that they can’t see straight because Christ loves us all. I also enjoy working with liberals that do NOT demonize our country and want to work together to make life better for all citizens. Its going to take a lot of work for republicans to be victorious in November and here’s how we can win.

1. UNITE AS A PARTY: We must stand behind Brian Kemp because the Abrams campaign will expose ANY dissention among us and exploit it saying that our house is not in order.

2. EMBRACE #WALKAWAY: The media’s depiction of millions of people walking away from the left are Russian bots is inaccurate and disgraceful. Let’s welcome these folks within our ranks and show them the beauty of conservatism and a LOVE for people based on content of character and NOT skin color.

3. GET ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Post your support of Kemp and Trump on all social media platforms to show just how POWERFUL the RED WAVE truly is.

4. VOTE: None of this matter if you choose to stay home. IF YOU DON’T VOTE IN NOVEMBER, DON’T COMPLAIN IN DECEMBER.

This is going to be a fight because the entire country will be weighing in. Hollywood and most of the MSM are rooting for Abrams to become the first black woman to become a United States Governor. They can care less that liberal policies have destroyed cities like San Francisco where human feces is literally everywhere on the streets. These same policies of LBJ has obliterated the black community for decades leaving millions of broken families and generational poverty of people depending on government entitlements. NO OTHER COMMUNITY IN AMERICA HAS SUFFERED MORE UNDER LIBERAL POLICIES THAN BLACK CITIZENS.

Its time to WAKE UP the sleeping giant and go hard in November. Set aside your issues with fellow conservatives because the primaries are over. Its BATTLE TIME so strap up your boots, hug your loved ones and let’s get to work. And if Kemp goes down in a blaze of Glory, other strong leaders will step forth to challenge Abrams in 2022…I just may consider stepping up myself!

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