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There are just some people in your life that you just do NOT like. These folks attack you, sabotage you, spew hate, wish nothing but ill-will toward you and pray for your downfall. It would be quite interesting to see how you would respond if one of these lovely people asked you for help. This happened to me not too long ago and I had a serious grudge against them.

I get attacked all the time on social media for talking about my love for God and as a black conservative talking about my love for America. One of my biggest critics who seems to find the time to follow me and leave nasty comments on my YouTube videos had this to say about me…

“YG Nyghtstorm is a f@cking sell-out, Uncle Tom, coon that tap dances for the white man! You’re a disgrace to all black people and I hope you kill yourself! America is racist as f@ck! You make me sick just die nigga!”

He seemed to find enjoyment on leaving comments like that and even encouraged others to follow in his example.

“This nigga still praying to that white Jesus! I’m making sure everybody knows about your coon ass so you never get peace f@ck nigga!”

I mostly ignore ignorant comments like this, but I have to admit that it started to get to me. I wondered why would someone with so much hate in their heart bother to follow me on twitter, YouTube and Facebook if they hate me so much for simply loving Christ and a country where I received massive support 26 years ago when I was homeless and had nothing. Anger raged in me as I read his comments degrading my 7 children for being the kids of a bootlicker for white people, but then something happened. The same leader of the “I Hate YG Nyghtstorm Coalition” did something completely out of his character…he asked for help!

“Mr. Nyghtstorm, I was laid off my job 6 months ago and I have been struggling to find work. My wife left me and is threatening to call the cops if I don’t pay child support. I know that I have been harsh to you in the past and that was not cool. I don’t have a problem with you being patriotic anymore and I have found myself praying to Jesus to help me through this tough time. I know that you are connected to a lot of people. Is it possible you can help me find a job? I love my kids and I don’t want to go to jail. I’m sorry.”

I honestly could not believe what I was reading. This is the same man that has been relentlessly attacking me on social media calling me every derogatory term in the book and now he’s asking me for help! I walked away from my computer and unleashed a verbal rant of frustration yelling out colorful metaphors of the nerve of this guy who dragged my name through the mud and NOW HE NEEDS MY HELP!

After I calmed downed I began to think of all the times when I had to humble myself and apologize to others in my past that I did wrong. The same Jesus that I pray to convicted me at that moment and reminded me of all the kindness I received from people that I did NOT deserve. My prideful ego was quickly crushed, and I responded to his plea for help.

“Divorce is very difficult, and I KNOW what you are going through. I’m sorry to hear about your struggle. Email me your resume and I will see what I can do to help. Stay strong brother…” I responded

Soon after, he sent me his resume and I began making phone calls to my friends that own companies that fit his skill set and work experience. Within a few days he was getting job interviews and within 2 weeks HE LANDED A NEW JOB! He instantly wrote me back thanking me for helping him. I wished him well and thought about all the people of diverse colors and backgrounds that helped me over the years to achieve my American dream. All I could do was thank God for His mercy in my life and to remember to show mercy to others.

I hope that this story touched your heart and will help you to show mercy to others in the future. Holding on to grudges is toxic and unforgiveness will eradicate your soul as it slowly kills you from within. LET IT ALL GO AND GIVE IT TO GOD and enjoy His GRACE in your life as you help change the lives of others for the greater good. Take care and God bless!

YG Nyghtstorm

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