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#WalkAway - Why I voted for Trump in 2016 #MAGA 2020

Former Democrat YG Nyghtstorm filmed this video one day after the historic 2016 election where he PROUDLY voted for Donald J. Trump. 5 years ago he walked away from the Democratic Party. Here's why he walked away...

"1. Democratic leaders told me to STOP talking about Christ so much because God offends some of their base. God has given me everything so I refused.

2. My twins Howard & Hank were aborted in 1999. My PROLIFE stance offended some of their base. They told me to stop talking about saving the unborn but I refused.

3. The Dems did not like my love for America as some became relentless with their social media attacks against me calling me a coon, sell-out, Uncle Tom and traitor to my race but I DON'T CARE.

We live in the greatest country on earth and I am PROUD to be an American. I am so happy to see so many of my fellow citizens standing against hatred and putting America FIRST. Its going to take ALL of us to make America great for MORE of us. I LOVE you and God bless Democrats, Republicans and Independents because WE ARE AMERICA!"

#WalkAwayCampaign #WalkAway #WalkWithwhy...

YG Nyghtstorm is a former Democrat, now a Conservative Political Advocate that teaches people that they no longer have to be trapped in a “victimhood” status. SHOWING others that faith, hard work and building positive relationships is a gateway to success and achieving the American Dream. This proud father of 7 children loves his country and wants to keep it great for many generations to come!


TWITTER: @ygnyghtstorm


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