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July 8, 2018


QUESTION - “YG, I got into a terrible argument with some of my friends on the 4th of July over politics. It got heated and they cursed at me, threw food at me and threatened violence because I said that America is the greatest country on earth. Does this happen to you and have you ever lost friends for being patriotic?”


ANSWER – Unfortunately, YES. People attack me all the time for being patriotic and loving our country. I’ve had “friends” distance themselves from me for being patriotic at the WRONG TIME. These “friends” LOVED my patriotism when President Obama was in power but HATE my patriotism when I support President Trump. I have a strong love for our country regardless of who sits in the White House because I know what it is like to be homeless, literally sleeping on the streets and through the Grace of God, hard work and the support of many people (blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, gentiles, democrats, republicans, liberals and conservatives) I beat the odds and now live the American dream.


I realize that America is not perfect, and we still have many problems to fix; but I have traveled around the world and seen true oppression of peoples, women being treated like slaves and children are banned from education only to be forced to fight in militias. There is a reason why millions of people each year are trying desperately to come to America. Some are even willing to break the law through illegal immigration because they KNOW that the US gives them the greatest chance to have a better life.


Its disheartening to hear that your “friends” attacked you for loving our country and violence doesn’t solve anything. Relationships should never be destroyed simply over who you voted for in a presidential election. But trust me, those “friends” may be gone, but they will be replaced with people that genuinely LOVE you regardless of politics. Stay safe and God bless.



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