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December 25, 2019

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June 15, 2018

Dear Dads,

Being a father means to stand strong through adversity. Every year the media and certain elements in our culture try to hi-jack Father’s Day. They have no issue honoring ALL moms in May for Mother’s Day regardless of their parental efficiency or inefficiency while constantly trying to tear down men that WANT to be good dads. Its to the point where some are saying that Father’s Day is NOT inclusive and perpetuates toxic masculinity. These absurd claims have been fostering for years and it is sad that we cannot have one day of the year to ourselves.


Father’s Day falls in June, during a time as our kids are preparing to graduate from high school or college. Most dads are very proud to see their kids advance their educational goals and don’t mind sharing the month. We are used to the fact that we as men are here to work hard for our families and SHARE our time, resources and love. As God is the ultimate Father that gives up everything for humanity; we as men must be prepared to sacrifice it all for the sake of our seed. Most guys don’t mind this, BUT CAN WE PLEASE JUST GET ONE DAY THAT IS RESERVED FOR JUST US.


I realize that absentee fathers are a HUGE problem in Western Society. Many men have decided to chuck their responsibilities and pursue their vices in the form of womanizing and selfishly seeking material gain for themselves. They have destroyed their marriages leaving kids with no male guidance. A lot of these fatherless kids from all walks of society turn to drugs, gangs and other destructive behaviors that ruin families and communities for decades. There are bad moms out there, but bad dads get blamed more often when things go wrong.


That being said, how about we actually HONOR the millions of GOOD MEN that are there and care about their kids. Let’s not take away from these courageous gentlemen that LOVE their babies and even pick up the slack and become step-dads to kids that are not biologically theirs. There is so many benefits of kids having a great dad and it’s truly a blessing to children that have both parents in their lives.


Marriages may end but being a good parent for your babies is a lifelong commitment. Moms and dads must continue to strive to work together and MUTUAL RESPECT is key for success. Better parents make better kids that create a better world. Being a dad to 7 beautiful children has been the greatest blessing in my life. I invite us ALL to celebrate awesome parents every year in May and June. May God bless all parents that are there for their kids and those that are working hard to regain their kid’s trust. Keep fighting and never give up because your babies are worth it. I’m going to end this letter and I invite us all to proudly say…HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!



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