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FAN QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How can I have JOY when life hurts?

"YG, I have been a fan of yours for over 10 years. I remember when no one watched your videos or cared about what you said or did. I watched you suffer through some of the most horrible things in life but somehow you still have joy. I read your book and cried about you being raped as a child. Looking at your life now, it's hard to imagine you being homeless as a teenager eating out of trash cans and being beat up and robbed and literally urinated on in the street. It hurt me to my heart to hear you speak about your son being killed in 2008. You lost your business in 2015 and your wife divorced you in 2017. All of this misery and you still have joy. I know that you believe in God sir, but do you ever break down and cry over your life? Your life is like a movie man, and I need some real answers. My life hurts too. What's your secret bro because I'm just too tired to fight anymore."

There is no secret sir. I believe in God and Christ has taken away my pity. I do cry at times, but then I remember that I am not a victim of my circumstances but I am victorious over ALL adversities. We all have terrible things and darkness that we have suffered through but it is how we respond and push past the ugliness to find the beauty that waits for us in the Grace of God.

All of the ugly adversities in my life that you mentioned fuels my faith because it is tangible evidence of how far God can bring you. I'm a walking testimony brother and I'm never going to stop believing in my Heavenly Father because I KNOW He loves me and He loves you. This is the truth and it has set me free. Let the pain go, give it to God and you to will have joy. It's that simple because pity is too heavy to carry for a lifetime. God bless you and thank you so much for this very heartfelt letter.

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