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FAN QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is it masculine for a man to wear a dress?

March 6, 2018

"YG; I am a woman that likes men but some of my girlfriends in NY and LA are saying that REAL MEN wear a dress. This new trend is NOT manly to me and further robs our sons of their masculinity. The media already attacks them by saying that they are stupid (Homer Simpson) and some ladies are saying that forcing men to wear a dress makes them less threatening. As an alpha male, what do you think about these young women in their 20's that want to say that this trend should be the new normal for our sons? BTW, I just can never imagine a huge guy like you rocking one of these skirts and boots lol!"


WOW...I'm NOT putting on a dress.
Now to answer your question, I'm not surprised at anything the media is pushing. They say that it is cool for our sons to wear a dress and our daughters to be promiscuous. This is why wise parental guidance is essential for our children. I'm not going to force my moral standard of manliness on anyone, but I will openly say that this trend of feminizing men so SOME women can feel less threatened is absurd.


Everyone has a right to wear what they want and express themselves, but that does not guarantee they are free from criticism. A man in a dress is NOT manly just like dudes sagging their pants is NOT manly. But the media is going to push what it wants, its up to us as parents to lead and guide our children in the proper way.


I Know some people are going to disagree with me and that's fine but I am answering this question as honestly as I can. I know that there is a LOT of issues involving men being accused of deviance in the workplace but putting guys in dresses is not solving the issue. PUNISH the guys victimizing women and PUNISH women who lie about it seeking attention and fame. That's how you solve the issue.


There is NOTHING wrong with being a man. Let's push more images of men being gentlemen and women appreciating the good men that love them. Thanks for the question!

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