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FAN QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Can a good Christian fire bad employees?

"Mr. Nyghtstorm, l live in the U.K. and I've followed you for years. I read your book and enjoy watching you inspire people all over the world. You've also shared that you are a corporate executive in America. Does your professional life ever clash with your spiritual one? I'm sure it feels good when you hire people to work but does it ever affect you if you have to fire someone? How do you juggle both corporate and church? I'm just wondering because I'm about to be promoted on my job and I don't know if I have the heart to fire someone even if they deserve it. By the way, I loved the video of you dancing with that queen in Africa. You remind me of that old American rapper MC Hammer! Please release more videos of your world escapades and I hope you respond to my questions. Thanks."

First of all, I was in high school when MC Hammer was popular so that makes me old as well LOL. And I will start uploading more of my travels soon. But let's address your questions.

To be honest, there are times when my professional life clashes with my spiritual one. As a follower of Christ, I try hard to motivate people and empower them to push past their weaknesses and the things that are destroying them from within. This takes a lot of time and patience when dealing with spiritual matters.

But being a corporate executive, you cannot be so forgiving. I am trusted by the people that hired me to protect their business and their brand by hiring the best people to do the best job and give the best quality of service. Unfortunately, some people do not have the desire to do the job or are not capable of providing that high level of service for clients.

Before I fire anyone, I coach them and give them every opportunity to succeed. I do not desire to fire anyone but if they cannot do the job then I am responsible for finding someone who can. This is all about trust. People trust me to take care of them and their business and that is exactly what I'm going to do professionally.

To bring it back to the spiritual context; God loves us all but he gave us rules and regulations to live by. We choose to follow Him or not. We choose to obey Him or not. If we stray away we will suffer the consequences unfortunately. God does not fire people like a business but he will hold every person accountable for their actions in this world.

I simply do the same on a business level. I hold everyone accountable for what they do and if they are slacking for too long...THEY GOT TO GO. But spiritually, I pray for anyone that I have to fire and hope that they learn lessons that I try to teach them so they will do better in the next opportunity. It's never personal.

Obviously your company sees leadership in you and true leaders are always tasked to make the hard choices. The Bible is full of incredible leaders that made tough choices to lead people in all areas of life. Don't be afraid to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity you have because God is about to elevate you. Pray every day for guidance and move forward in your new role as the BOSS!

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