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FAN QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Black Panther Movie - Can whites & blacks co-exist?

February 20, 2018

"YG, I'm an average white guy married to a beautiful black woman with three great biracial kids. I took my family to see Black Panther this weekend and enjoyed the movie. But, I was uncomfortable with some of the tone of the film. Killmonger believing that all white people are evil and deserve to die was disturbing. I've never owned a slave and I'm married to a great black woman. Both of our families have disowned us, labeled us as traitors to our race and want nothing to do with our kids. Have you seen the film yet and what are your thoughts? How can we get past all this hatred and finally come together in the 21st-century? I love your work and I hope you pick my question this week."


I saw the film and it definitely had two distinct narrative's playing out. Killmonger had a lot of reasons to be angry with everyone but hatred is not the way. Using his logic, I should be angry at both whites and blacks. I was raped by a white man when I was a child in 1985 so I should hate all white people. When I was homeless at age 18, I was robbed and severely beaten by black guys so I should hate all black people. My twins were aborted by an ex-girlfriend so I should hate all women. This philosophy is flawed because you cannot blame an entire race of people or gender for the sins of some. Things are not perfect in our country but so much hatred is destructive and it does NO GOOD for anyone.


T'Challa's worldview of unity of all people coming together to make life better across the planet in all countries is the right way to go. His wisdom is what the world needs to move forward out of the dark and destructive past of our forefathers. That's why he is the king of Wakanda. That's why he is the Black Panther. That's why this movie is so important and that's why I LOVED IT!

I'm sorry you and your wife are being mistreated by the shameful behavior of your families. Pray for them and keep it moving. God bless you sir and thank you for your questions.

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