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FAN QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Are Catholic and Protestant Christians bigots against the LGBTQ community?

"Mr. Nyghtstorm, A friend of mine told me about you and I have been following you for a few months now. I know that you're some kind a big-time Christian or Catholic person but I have a question for you. Does your faith allow you to show love to the LGBTQ community? I'm not trying to be judgmental but it seems that your faith is incredibly harsh towards people that you guys don't like. Are you the same way? I like what I've seen from you so far but I need to know if you are a bigot just like the rest of the people in your faith."

Well, to assume that all Catholics or Christians are bigots is not exactly a way to come at me but I will answer your question. Our faith requires us to be Christ like. Even though Christ loved us all, as humans it is hard to live up to his standards every single day. That is why we need forgiveness of others in order for us as a species to prosper and move forward. To be more specific to your question, last year I helped a young lady relocate because her girlfriend was constantly beating on her. The bruises were awful but she refused to press charges because she still loved the woman but wanted to leave the relationship.

Answering your question is a great opportunity for me to dive deeper into the domestic violence issue. This is REAL and it should NOT matter if the abuser is a man or a woman. It's good that a lot of women are getting the support they need to escape from violent men; but, lots of men have been assaulted by their wives or girlfriends but failed to report it out of fear of being laughed at and mocked. Both gay and straight couples are experiencing more and more of this every day. It's even getting worse with teenagers dating in high school. This young lady is ok for now but I pray for her well-being and safety as she tries to repair her life from this nightmare. AND I pray for her former girlfriend that she gets help and STOPS this behavior before she is thrown in jail and her life is ruined forever.

To further answer your question, I didn't care that the young lady was gay. She needed help and that's all that mattered. And really sir, that's all that should matter to any of us whether we are Christian, Jew, Muslim, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, gay or straight. Helping others in need when we can, is just simply the right thing to do. Thank you for your question and God bless.

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