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January 15, 2018

Today is MLK Day and millions of Americans are enjoying this national holiday and spending some much needed time with family. Some in the media are demanding that citizens need to reflect on the powerful larger than life figure this day is named after. Martin Luther King Jr was indeed a man ahead of his time during a period in the not so distant past when America was struggling to embrace equality for all souls and free itself from hateful bigotry. There are plenty of resources to inform you of all of Mr. King’s accomplishments, but I want to dig deeper and discuss why a man with plenty of imperfections was the perfect messenger with the perfect dream.


What I’m about to say may be considered heresy by some; but if you want to truly honor Mr. King, then let’s do it in the brightest of lights. After decades of fact checking and research, it has been proven that Mr. King was NOT a perfect person. Between allegations of marital affairs and secretly profiting financially from the Civil Rights Movement; some over the years have demonized him and said that he was NOT the man he claimed to be. So I challenge everyone reading this blog with a simple question.


“Have you ever done ANYTHING in your past that has hurt someone that you regret?”


The fact that Martin Luther King Jr was a human being with flaws is a no