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August 30, 2017

One of the main laws of the universe is that when there is no direction or purpose, chaos will lead and destruction follows. The biggest example I have of this rule is the once mighty and great Roman Empire. If you know your history, you know just how powerful and influential this culture was. There are signs of this culture all around us through architecture, entertainment and even our way of governing. Surely, such an empire as powerful and wise as Rome would survive forever, right? WRONG! They crashed and burned for a single reason, CHAOS.


Rome’s destruction came from chaotic inner cores that led to weakened defenses and ultimate destruction. THERE WAS NO LEADERSHIP. All the great leaders of the past like Julius Caesar were long dead. Fathers were too concerned with seeking power and wealth rather than the welfare of their families. Most men were killed in battles leaving nothing but fatherless homes in their wake.


Rome was no different than any city in the modern United States. Neighborhoods consisting of mainly fatherless homes have a dramatic influx of crime. Crime rates rose to an astronomical level resulting in a high number of murders in the city. Fathers were not home to protect their families and to lead the misguided youths that were committing the majority of the crimes. Does this stuff sound familiar? Eventually, Rome became overrun with chaos and the outside barbarians saw a weak city ripe for the picking. Ask yourself this question: Does your home resemble Rome?


As parents in today’s world we have to stay in defense mode in order to help our children maneuver through life’s minefields. When it is all said and done we want to produce leaders that understand that in order to lead they must be willing to be the first ones into the battle and work alongside their troops as opposed to just dictating. True leadership precedes results. I live by and demonstrate the philosophy of “If you need something in your life, provide that need for the ones that you want it from first”. Doing this can be hard sometimes, but it works!


I would like to thank the parents that accept the daily challenge of stepping up for your children. I know at times this commitment can place you in the fight of your life. This is especially true when your sweet little baby make you feel like the terrible twos was a dream vacation in comparison to their teen years. Unfortunately the Staples “easy” button doesn’t really exist when it comes to keeping your home in order. However, always keep in mind that no matter what you are faced with, you are always the one in control and you have the power to build and protect your empire.


For more information about me and my book “ALL ACTION, NO TALK” pertaining to this topic please visit NYGHTSTORM.COM. Take care and God Bless.


Y.G. Nyghtstorm

Family Leadership Authority



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