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My sons and I were having an interesting conversation about the afterlife of all things. This topic alone can be intriguing but what made me raise an eyebrow is how the conversation turned into an innocent feud between my boys. They have always been competitive in sports, grades and especially girls; but for them to debate over who would be buried next to me after they die was oddly deep. They jockeyed for position to gain the one spot at my side because my wife will naturally have the other side. I was amazed by their arguments as they laid out in meticulous detail which looked the most like me, who exhibited my character the most and who would continue my legacy and honor the Nyghtstorm name in the highest regard.

Listening to my sons pitch to me as to why they should be laid to rest next to their old man was quite astounding and I was deeply honored as they went back and forth justifying their position. It finally dawned on me that all of my sacrifices, countless talks and long suffering had paid off .My children recognized and appreciated everything that I have done and continue to do for them. What’s even more refreshing to know is that my sons respect me so much that they actually want their body to be by my side after they enter into the next world. This thought humbles me, especially being a man who grew up without his father as an active role model in his life.

Unfortunately, with the fatherless epidemic growing as rampantly as it has over the years, it is becoming harder to find youth willing to say...

“I want to be buried next to my father when I die, and I am willing to go so far as to fight my siblings for the spot.”

I have one last caveat. I have helped to raise my three step-children for over seventeen years, and we have gone through our share of ups and downs. But my love for them stays as consistent as the love I have for my four blood children. I have never treated any of my children as if anyone was better than the other because they are all mine.

My youngest step-son’s loyalty and respect for me was on full display during one incident in which he found himself having to stand up for me and demand that I be respected as his second father. He will gladly tell anyone without hesitation that I deserve to be honored. He proved that real love for a child has no blood ties and he has grown into a magnificent young man. His older siblings have also done the same when it comes to letting me and anyone else know how much they appreciate my being in their lives.

As a parent you never really know how good of a job you did raising your children until they are adults living their own lives and hopefully staying out of trouble. You try your hardest to not just tell them how they should be, but to also SHOW them how to be men and women of good quality and superb character. This can ONLY be done by leading by example and practicing what you preach. I feel that my legacy is safe because I have four strong men remaining on this earth that are more than able to carry on the spirit of my name. Thank you boys & daddy loves you!

Y.G. Nyghtstorm

Family Leadership Authority

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