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I know that the title of this blog is going to have some of my fellow believers shaking their head, but read a little further and let me explain myself.

Can you imagine being alive over two thousand years ago and hear about three dudes on camels riding across the desert looking for a kid born in a barn? Like today’s media, I’m sure most folks of that time were very skeptical of all of these rumors of a messiah. They probably pondered on how can some baby with two broke parents ever become the King of kings, save them from their tribulations and unite their souls with God. It’s sort of like the equivalent of a traveling salesman peddling snake oil to people in dire straits hoping for ANYTHING to change their circumstances.

People have not changed much over the last few millennia as we still need tangible evidence to believe that something is real. Folks require proof to establish their basic belief structure and many people of that period simply denied Christ because he was not old enough to display his power. This sweet little child named Emanuel cried when he was hungry and cried even more when he needed his baby linens changed. As astonishing as we in the 21st century see the miracle of Jesus’ birth; it was just another day to most of them.

Fast forward thirty three years and things were drastically different. The son of Joseph the carpenter was all grown up and the paparazzi of that era were all over him. Regardless of how logic functions in the human mind, people found it hard to deny a dude walking on water, casting out demons, healing the sick and raising the freaking dead!

Even if you wanted to be a hater of the time, you still had to admit that this Jesus guy was incredible. He literally walked from town to town igniting the passions of the people and giving them hope that they would live forever in Paradise with his dad when they died. This kind of phenomenon could not be ignored as it raised jealousy in the so-called leaders of the day. Because Jesus was getting too big too fast, it threatened their power structure and they needed to get rid of him.

Well as we all know, they threw a little money to Judas and he betrayed Christ. Jesus would later receive the mother of all beat downs and be forced to carry a heavy cross to Calvary where he was executed through crucifixion. Now the accounts of the adult Jesus does not make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside like the story of his birth; but here is where Easter leapfrogs Christmas.

The birth of Christ is the story of the arrival of hope. After all of the thousands of years the Jews suffered persecution since the exodus with Moses to being slaves in Rome; they always told their kids of the day when things would finally change with the arrival of the messiah. But tragically, these kids grew up with the same issues as their parents and retold the same stories that one day things will change to their children. Multiply this by several generations and the people grew weary because they did not have tangible evidence to strengthen their hope. The birth of a baby just wasn’t good enough to keep their attention.

The resurrection of Christ is the fulfillment of HOPE. The generation of adults that heard the Sermon on the Mount and watched Christ turn water into wine at a wedding, realized that this man was special simply because of what they were WITNESSING. After his brutal death on the cross all of the onlookers WITNESSED the sky turn black once Jesus gave up the ghost. This literally scared the hell out of everybody as they collectively realized that they just freaking killed the Son of God!

But blessed be to the witnesses that verified that Christ was resurrected after being dead for three days. The Good Lord made sure to reintroduce himself to several of his “loyal” disciples because they did not recognize him in his new glorified body. But once the word was out and enough people WITNESSED that he had returned to life; HOPE was galvanized into the human psyche that patiently waits for our savior to return again.

Christmas is important, but we really can do away with all of the materialistic spending that is bringing the financial ruin to millions of families each year. Santa Claus is cool and all for children under six, but to us folks living hurtful lives, Easter represents our real Joy to the world because the Lord has RISEN!

Y.G. Nyghtstorm

Family Leadership Authority

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