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People ask me how I survived being raped by a preacher when I was eleven in 1985, how I survived growing up in an abusive home, being urinated on by three rich kids while I was homeless and sleeping on the streets of Atlanta when I was 19, two divorces, and the grueling pain when my son was killed on his job in 2008. I always say that I did a lot of praying and I owe God a ton of gratitude!

Unfortunately, some of us suffer the ugly side of life and wonder if God really cares or if HE exists at all. Millions of people reject God because of the torment, hurt, wrong doings and persecution from IMPERFECT humans with a God Complex. I had just finished assisting a client deal with the death of his girlfriend, word got out about it and I had received a disturbing phone call from an associate. A very angry voice shouted at me through the phone “Why did you help that Muslim?! Those people are evil and they deserve to die! You know that they are all going to hell right?! God spoke to me and wanted me to tell you that he does NOT love Muslims!”

Humans do NOT possess the power to send ANYONE to Heaven or Hell the last time I checked. And to the folks who honestly believe that they are so special that God only appears to them with his word need to swallow a humble pill and check their massive ego at the door. Most of these folks scream the loudest at things that they themselves are guilty of. Putting down folks for their mistakes and damning them to hell is not a very good example of God’s love and forgiveness…it’s a form of bullying!

Unlike the preacher that raped me when I was a child and some of these imperfect “holier than thou humans”; God never forced Himself on me. I invited him in after realizing that I am not strong enough to deal with all of my traumatic issues alone. I use that same tactic when helping people around the world with their issues. I put my heart into helping them with their pain and tell them that my faith pulled me through if I am asked.

Some zealots ignore the core lessons of Christianity. Jesus walked amongst the heathens, liars, drunkards, whores, pimps, hash dealers, fornicators, adulterers…you get what I’m saying. He never judged them. He actually attended a wedding and I’m sure everyone was NOT praising God all the time and full of the Holy Spirit. They celebrated a new union of two folks who loved each other and then they ran out of wine. Christ kept the party going by turning water into wine and the celebration continued. He SHOWED a genuine love for people despite their failures, short comings and sins. The only time he was around the Pharisees (CHURCH FOLK) of the time was when he entered the synagogue and got so angered by them that he wrecked the joint! He said that his father was NOT in that place regardless of how religious they seemed to be.

Some say that the Bible is full of racism, murder, sexism, contradictions and even genocide. According to some of the scriptures in the Old Testament we all should be put to death. Regardless of interpretations, I am so happy that my Savior has a heart and my Heavenly Father forgives me of my human ignorance and foolishness. If you want people to know of God’s love, then SHOW God’s love to the least of us. Treat people the way that you want to be treated. Apologize to folks the way you would need them to apologize to you. And LOVE the way that God loves you with patience, kindness and above all…FORGIVNESS!

Y.G. Nyghtstorm

Family Leadership Authority

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