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There is a looming question on the minds and hearts of millions of people around the world…


It is a reality that 99% of the nation is dealing with some sort of serious financial woes. Folks considered to be middle-class are just a few paychecks away from being broke. The modern day inconsistent economy has scared the hell out of everybody that is not rich. But what frustrates so many believers in the Christian faith and atheist; is the enormous prosperity of scoundrels. It seems that people who do mean things and hurt others for a living are enjoying the delicious fruits of success and evading karma. I get hit with this question every time I do a motivational speaking event along with several other issues that are hard to answer.

“Why does God bless evil people so much and ignore the faithful folks?”

“I have been praying for years for my situation to improve…but it hasn’t!”

“Why are moral degenerates in the entertainment business so damn rich and us good people are so damn broke?”

“My pastor says that I should be thankful that God woke me up this morning. Well, he woke up all the liars, cheaters, child rapists, thieves, murderers and politicians to. They’re still rich and I’m not!”

I’m going to be totally transparent and tell you folks that I DON’T HAVE AN ANSWER FOR YOU. I am not so bold as to say that I know the mind of God and I completely understand HIS ways. Only a fool will tell you that he knows what God is thinking. But I do know that my faith has wavered at times pondering these same questions. It frustrates me also when I see people that I “feel” are evil get all the money, power, fame and exclusive lifestyle. And this is where I have to catch myself and stop assuming that I know everything about this person I hate.

The truth is that I consider myself a good person. But there are people in my past that I have hurt would beg to differ. They think that I am the most low-down SOB to ever walk the earth and they hate that God has blessed me with anything! Regardless of the fact that I have changed and improved myself as a human being; all they remember is when I was a selfish dumb-ass hurting their feelings for no good reason. These people have no idea how karma has kicked my ass over the years to pay for my mistakes. They didn’t see me suffer; so in their mind it didn’t happen and they still feel unavenged.

The point that I am making is that we can judge people all we want, but the ultimate judge is God and He sees everything. I truly believe in karma and everyone gets it in the end. I didn’t get away with a damn thing and PAYBACK collects its debts from us all eventually. All we see is the folks we consider bad doing great in life. But what is hidden behind the smiles and lavish lifestyles could be a potential victim of circumstances waiting patiently to take them down.

Y.G. Nyghtstorm

Family Leadership Authority

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