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It was late June in 2013 and Oklahoma suffered one of the most horrific tragedies in which a super tornado wiped out towns, schools, homes, and killed twenty children. The question of where was God while this monster storm ravaged so many is sparking conversations and initiating debates as to whether or not HE is guilty of murder? I met with some friends at Starbucks and I was challenged by some that are devout atheist as they confronted me with a mountain of evidence declaring God as cruel and inhumane.

They opened their argument with Oklahoma then the bombings in Boston, followed by the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York, the massive famine and death in Africa and ended with quite a few examples of God’s wrath from the Old Testament in the Bible. They screamed obscenities, venting their frustration against all that I stand for knowing that I have made my faith public and that I credit God for my success.

“Why would your God do this? Why would HE allow so many innocent people to be killed by natural disasters and criminals?! Does your God even care about anyone outside of the Jews?!” they yelled passionately.

I took the time to let them finish their rant and calm down before I responded. I took a deep breath and spoke these words.

“I don’t know. As a human being I will not pretend to know what God thinks and understand HIS reasoning for the events on this planet. I will NOT say that HE works in mysterious ways and avoid your questions. I can only tell you about me. When I was homeless twenty years ago, a rich man in a Rolls Royce saw me sleeping on the street in the cold with no socks. He got out of his car, tapped me on the shoulder, took off his wool argyle socks and gave them to me. He said that God told him to do it and to also tell me that God loves me and will one day use me to change the world.

When I tried to kill myself years later by closing my eyes and walking in traffic; NO CARS HIT ME. I survived without a scratch (even though I did cause a major accident) I am still alive. When I found myself in a life or death situation due to some bad choices in my youth it was God’s grace that saved me. I can go on for days as to why I truly believe in God because these moments changed me forever. All I wanted to do was change my life so I can be used by HIM to help others…I owe HIM that much.”

There was silence in the room after that and we all took deep breaths and gathered our thoughts. We agreed to disagree on this controversial subject. I could not change their minds about hating God any quicker than they could change my mind about loving God. One thing is clear; man will never have all the answers to the mysteries of life and death or Heaven and Hell. That is precisely why I believe in God. It’s not just for what HE has done for me and my family, but it is because I need to believe in a higher power. I have faith that there is a power that kept me alive during my stupidity and actively told people to spare my life, even when I have been careless and didn’t deserve it.

Y.G. Nyghtstorm

Family Leadership Authority

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