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We all know by now that the relationship between fathers and sons is very important. We show our sons what it is to be a man, we teach them how to survive in the world, and we SHOW them how to love a woman and how to properly raise a family. But what throws most men off is when they are blessed with a little girl and are clueless on what to do for her. Mothers and daughters share the bond of womanhood and at times it seems easy for that dynamic to achieve success. Fathers and daughters are uniquely different because it can feel like they are from two different worlds.

One of the main purposes of a father in his daughter’s life is to protect and SHOW her what a real man is. I can talk all day about the thousands of longitudinal studies showing women who end up getting married to someone that reminds them of their father. This can be both good and bad because some young ladies can’t help themselves as they fall in love with a dude with similar characteristics as their dad. They tend to seek what is familiar to them during their time as a child. So…if dad was awesome; they may find happiness. If dad was cruel or not around that much; they may seek losers or much older men to be their “DADDY” in more ways than one!

Knowing these inconvenient truths made me focus on being the best father that I could be. Being a good dad to four sons and three daughters is truly an epic task and NOT for the faint of heart. But I would not trade it for all the gold in the world because my children made me a better person. Before my oldest daughter was born I was the typical young hothead that looked for trouble quite often. Suffering from my traumatic past of abuse and being abandoned by my father; I could care less if I lived or died. That all changed on a cold winter night when I held my new born daughter in my hands for the first time. I instantly understood that my life was no longer about me, but it was all about this young soul that I ushered into the world.

It seemed as if all of the days of my selfishness began to deteriorate as she opened her eyes and saw me looking at her. It was a BEAUTIFUL moment that literally changed my life forever. Having three daughters made me look at life differently. I remember being a playboy in my youth and broke a lot of hearts leaving many young ladies in tears as I THOUGHT I was the man. If anyone ever treated my daughters the way that I treated some ex-girlfriends in the past; there will be HELL ON EARTH!

Daughters make some men realize just how important it is for us to STOP our crap and treat women with the respect we would want other men to treat our baby girls. I am so happy to be blessed with three princesses from twenty three years old and married, eighteen and headed to college, to twelve and in junior high school. I have learned through trial and error what it means to be a true man of distinction and respect all by the hands of three beautiful little ladies that call me dad!

Y.G. Nyghtstorm

Family Leadership Authority

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