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I often pray for the souls of individuals that may not share my faith, morals, beliefs or the simple appreciation I have for the lives of others. But it seems that not only my faith, but the faith of an entire nation has been pushed to the brink by the hands of terrorist. It was incredibly difficult for me to pray as hurtful images of innocent people suffering needlessly flashed in my mind because a coward set off multiple bombs in Boston. I asked God one simple question as I humbled myself to Him on my knees with outstretched hands and bowed head. “Lord, why do evil people have so much power in this world?”

I waited patiently for an answer but it seems that the Lord was silent on this day. I figured he was too busy helping those wounded souls who were victimized by the explosions. I don’t envy God’s position as HE has to atone for the sins of some of his wayward children. But I do envy those brave individuals who can look evil in the face while their own lives are in danger and risk it all to save a complete stranger.

Like New York in 2001; the city of Boston was attacked for no good reason other than the selfish desire of cowards that harm folks just because they can. They try to justify the unthinkable because they have suffered some kind of misfortune in their past and they were powerless to go after the people who committed the actual harm. They choose to hurt others who have absolutely NOTHING to do with their pain. But just like New York…BOSTON STILL STANDS!

The people in this great city refuse to give up on life and the lives of their fellow citizens regardless of what atrocity is thrown their way. Terrorist may have bombs, guns and fire power, but it doesn’t compare to the FIRE that is in the hearts of these STRONG people of PURPOSE. God may be too busy to talk to me because HE is EMPOWERING the good people of Boston to keep standing in the face of destruction and not blink as they FIGHT. The collective faith of the United States has been strengthened by Boston and the collective power of the United States will bring justice for Boston!


Y.G. Nyghtstorm

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