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CAMEROON: Cultural UNITY and the Love of Christ

CAMEROON: Cultural UNITY and the Love of…

This documentary film is very special to me as thirteen missionaries from the United States endured a thirteen hour...

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RENAISSANCE PARK: A Message of HOPE for Atlanta's homeless by Y.G. Nyghtstorm


Y.G. Nyghtstorm revisits Renaissance Park where he was homeless 24 years ago to encourage the hundreds of men, women...

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It was such an honor for me and my daughter Aneayah to speak at Belmont Village Senior Living Facility...

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"You Can't Have Too Many Friends!" How R…

It’s always a good thing when schools invite fathers to come in and read to kindergarteners and first graders....

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GOLFING WITH DR. DEAL HUDSON: How an Icon Teaches Life Lessons by Y.G. Nyghtstorm


It is no secret that Dr. Deal W. Hudson is a lightning rod for conversations at Catholic dinner tables...

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WHEN BROTHERS BREAK BREAD: How Blacks & Whites can get over Racism


Y.G. Nyghtstorm breaks bread with the incredible Jamie Dempsey (President of Moosehead Marketing Solutions) and talks about how blacks and whites...

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CONQUERING SEXUAL ASSAULT: How Christ can give back your POWER by Y.G. Nyghtstorm


Sexual assault is a huge problem around the world. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, rich, poor,...

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How One Man FORGAVE His Childhood Rapist

How One Man FORGAVE His Childhood Rapist

LifeSite News lands an exclusive interview with Y.G. Nyghtstorm as he shares his story of how he forgave the...

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How CONFESSION Heals Brokenness: Y.G. Nyghtstorm

How CONFESSION Heals Brokenness: Y.G. Ny…

While on a Mission Trip during Holy Week, Y.G. Nyghtstorm has his first confession and unburdens his soul of...

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Known as The Dynamic Duo of Life Management; the Nyghtstorms bring a unique perspective as a husband and wife raising seven children standing as positive examples to help folks fix their lives. YG Nyghtstorm is the man not afraid to be transparent as he helps real people with real issues. His beautiful wife Toby George Nyghtstorm is the woman not afraid to tell the truth as to how things really are. Together they host Nyghtstorm Radio on Love 860 AM WAEC  and help their listeners known as Nyghtstorm Nation by discussing tough topics that are affecting families every day. Focusing on information pulled from YG’s book “All Action No Talk” and their own life experiences they have conquered adversities ranging from homelessness, broken families, divorce and even the death of their oldest son in 2008; their listeners find their authenticity refreshing.

Mr. Nyghtstorm is a child abuse survivor that grew up in a fatherless home. His passion is helping families, with a strong focus on getting fathers back into the lives of their children. He has experienced homelessness, failed marriages and has had to fight for his own rights as a father. Mrs. Nyghtstorm comes from a similar background but has also experienced not only a fatherless home but also a motherless one as well. She was raised in the LGBT community, has been a teenaged mother, survived domestic violence, and has worked closely with those affected by mental illness, alcoholism, and the HIV/AIDS virus. She also speaks out about the suicide epidemic as someone who has survived an attempt herself.

The Nyghtstorms use their skills as motivational speakers and experience from 14 years of marriage to guide people through the adversities of life by teaching different techniques based off of their own personal failures and success. ​Having a real couple be entertaining while breaking down serious topics so people feel EMPOWERED is vital in today’s overly competitive market place.

Charities, prisons, schools, academic organizations, religious organizations and businesses have benefited from their knowledge and expertise.Their workshops and seminars cover the topics of balancing work and family, relationships, parenting, absentee parents, child abuse, domestic violence and maintaining your mental well-being. So INVITE the Nyghtstorms to speak at your next event and have that special caveat to help your audience change their lives despite adversity.

Nyghtstorm Radio http://love860.com/nyghtstorm-radio  

The Nyghtstorms On The Mother Love Show - How To Build A Powerful marriage - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaJ1URo785c

The Nyghtstorms On The Lana reid Show - What To Do BEFORE & AFTER You Say I Do - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq7inSZJ0TM

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What others are saying

I was amazed at their insight and ability to connect what we do each day as leaders to their experiences on the battlefield.
I just wanted to pass on my praise for one of the most riveting talks that I’ve had the honor of hearing in a long time.
I appreciate what the dynamic duo does - to add to someone's life and give them hope
Thank you so much for the high privilege of being interviewed on your radio show...I commend you all for the hard work and dedication that goes into your ministry. 

Y.G. & Toby, You are amazing radio hosts...You really do connect to your audience and show up in a big way...Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Love 860

the nyghtstorms  LOVE 860 AM

The Dynamic Duo of Life Management, the Nyghtstorms ( Y.G. & Toby ) RETURN in full force in 2017. Helping families worldwide conquer traumatic issues and rebuilding their lives is a blessing where ALL of their listeners are EMPOWERED! 

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  • Rape
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